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Sunglasses dream picture

Published on 14 June 2021 at 09:36

Dreaming about sunglasses tells you that you want to experience protection, that things are not clear. You try to gain more insight, the desire for help and support (including your own).

Another explanation is that you do not have a clear view or view of the current situation. Another explanation is that you are consciously looking for answers in your life, you want insight into the how or why. There may also be misunderstandings that you have misjudged and that you want to rectify or consider.


Dreams about sunglasses are related to the glasses dream explanation - they are completely similar except that the sunglasses also have a connection with summer, spring and the sun and moon influence.


Which means that the sunglasses dream to protect the right insights, opportunities, influence and so on. In addition, the sunglasses can also be a reference to groping in the dark, acting on feeling (heart) and using your intuition. This can be experienced both positively and negatively. Pay close attention to the color of the sunglasses it tells you a lot about the meaning of the dream, see colors in dreams!


Yet another explanation is that the sunglasses represent a part of your identity, maybe you have glasses in your waking life and/or you should have one. A spiritual explanation is that the sunglasses reflect a piece of protection from the higher universe and/or that with which you are connected. Everything is better behind glass, right? Looking through rose-colored glasses is an alternative explanation.

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