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Washing dream picture

Published on 12 November 2019 at 07:00

A dream or vision of doing the dirty laundry is telling you that you want to change current traits, opinions, and ways of doing things. You want to adapt your image to today's wishes. Another explanation is that you are concerned about how you come across to others, you are trying to adjust this.


Dreams and visions of folding clean laundry tell you that you are getting ready for the big changes. You are arranging and clearing the clean and new opportunities as you would like to introduce them into your life. Another explanation is that you have cleaned up negative qualities and are now making way for new ones. You have given yourself a new identity, you oversee and review everything.


Dreams and visions of the clean laundry on the clothesline tell you that you have cleaned, cleared and closed properties from the past. You stand up for your changes, you dare to bring it out. You are ready to start over and above all clean in your life. Another explanation is that you are no longer ashamed. The new opportunities and changes in your life come your way spontaneously and easily.

A dream or vision of a washboard tells you of embarrassment or embarrassment. Another explanation is that you feel emotionally or physically exhausted. Another explanation is that you view clearing, letting go, cleaning mainly in an old, dated or rusty way.


A dream or vision of a broken washboard tells you that you must learn in life through trial and error. Your old traits or intense lifestyle that you had, now causes you to experience problems and obstacles. Another explanation is that you mainly use a broken, old and rusty approach.


Dreams or visions of a washbasin or laundry basket tell you that a new investment will bring great pleasure and satisfaction. Another explanation is that the way of cleaning or tidying up belongs to the past. You want to clear and clean the past, adding new qualities to old thoughts and opinions.


Dreams and visions about a full laundry basket tell you something about the way in which you store, collect and close and resolve old things. As it were, the laundry basket reflects the preparation for clearing and cleaning old unhealthy patterns and situations in which you sit and/or have been sitting. In addition, the laundry basket can also reflect unhealthy patterns of over-collecting, overflowing, stress and burnout.

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