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Flamingo dream picture

Published on 19 June 2021 at 07:00

To dream of a Flamingo tells you something about experiencing new things, experiences, flowing from your heart chakra, your heart energy. It reflects a new flow in your life. In addition, it can also be a new flow of old patterns and/or situations.


Breathing new life into something you had previously shut down. Another explanation is that something or someone in your environment brings new energy and/or passion. You experience new desires, feelings, opportunities and so on. Another explanation is that you are embarking on a completely new path in life and are ready to show yourself to the world.


Collaboration and social connections, like-minded, twin souls and/or group connections (connection). The desire for an active life to be the center of attention and/or wanting to be. You can also think of like-minded people and sparring about something that is very important to you. Showing your soul colors is an alternative explanation and/or standing up for what you believe in regardless of what others think.


Another important explanation is worrying about your outward appearance, the way you want to present to the world. Experiencing uncertainty and an unpleasant feeling when you are in the presence of the social world and/or the outside world.


A spiritual explanation is that the flamingo is a connection between the element of water and the element of earth. Therefore it also reflects the in-between period (the bridge between A and B). You can, as it were, experience the emotions and feelings and then spiritual awakening. The start of building a solid foundation towards fertility and a warm homely feeling (life purpose, soul mission and the womb of life).

So to dream of a flamingo indicates something new, which flows purely from your heart chakra, but still needs to be built up - given structure and so on. The road to Becoming has begun.

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