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Zenit dromen picture

Published on 8 January 2021 at 07:00

Zenit is the highest point in the sky as seen from the point where you stand as an observer. It tells you that you have a new view of the situation. The right view of the situation and/or adjusting your vision of life and self-reflection.


Another explanation is that the zenith (up viewer) indicates wanting insight, wanting help from the universe, deceased loved ones, guides, helpers and supporters. It is a spiritual desire and a personal mindfulness moment or growth process.


In addition, it can also stand for the soul steps, the life stair, ladder and the step you step up regardless of your situation. In other words your step one step higher - this can have a connection with work, money, learning and studying, friendships, riches from the abundance experience.


Yet another explanation is that a dream in which you are staring at the highest point can indicate stress, burnout, exhaustion and awareness of the fact that. Time to take care of yourself, relax and / or say no to everything that keeps you from your life step, life path.

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