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Globe dream picture

Published on 21 June 2021 at 07:00

Globe or world map in your dream tells you something about your way of life; you mirror the country and/or countries you want to connect with. Another explanation is that countries (the globe / world map) appeal to you on how you feel and what you want in life.


The land reflects your status, the land reflects your desires, your feelings, lack, wishes, dreams and the unknown. But you can also think of past lives, fears, emotions, karma, memories and trauma.

Countries with which you have a connection touch your base, your roots, your frame of reference, your ancestors, your history and then you can experience this both positively and negatively.

For example, if you were not born in the Netherlands or Belgium, but in England, there is a good chance that your dreams or visions also play out from your England; your history and/or that of your ancestors.

It affects yourself, how you look at the world and how frame of reference synchronizes with the dream or vision statement. So it may very well be that dreams about England have a completely different meaning for you than for someone who was born in America.


Dreams about a globe, world map, therefore, tell you that you are trying to gain insight in a certain situation - choice stress and/or wanting clarity but not being able to find it. Another explanation is victory, success, the unlimited possibilities of a journey you take in your life.


Another explanation is imbalance or chaos in your current situation that you cannot control, that you need a new environment and want to escape your current situation. An alternative explanation is that you want to broaden your horizons and make adjustments in your life accordingly.


Dreaming about a globe, world map tells you something about a spiritual connection, growth and development. Yet another explanation is that abroad can represent the inner and/or outer journey. An alternative explanation is soul calling, soul connection, past life and/or life mission.


A spiritual explanation is that the dream represents all elements - earth, fire, water, air. But also all animals, nature, humans, elemental beings and so on. The planet earth and/or any extraterrestrial and your life purpose such as standing up for climate, nature and/or working with natural ways - beliefs and so on.

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