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Parrot dream picture

Published on 23 June 2021 at 09:09

Dreams or visions of a parrot tell you about the possibilities of going in new directions, but you have to watch out for gossip and doubts that people, or yourself, spread. Also, parrots can tell us the biggest secret you've always wanted to know.


A talking parrot in your dreams or vision tells you that there may be frivolous behavior and gossip among your loved ones, acquaintances that you may not like, or maybe you learn something from your friends that you would like to share with others .


Dreams or visions of seeing a parrot sleeping tell you of an interruption of family disagreement, which can be positive or negative, but also of family quarrels and gossip, which can sometimes create a breaking point that is not more repairable.


Dreams or visions of a dead parrot tell you that something is coming to an end. This can be both positive and negative. A related explanation is that you will experience some kind of setback in your private life, or social decline. Another explanation is that the gossip has stopped, the slander disappears, or you let it go and you're done with it, or you don't want to look back at it.


A bird is always a good omen regardless of the species. To see a bird in your dream also tells you something about the way you approach others; that can be lofty and grandiose, but with a positive attitude. Another explanation is that the bird comes to support you, as a totem animal and/or from the afterlife and this can be experienced both positively and negatively.

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