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Fruit bowl dream picture

Published on 25 May 2021 at 07:00

To dream about a bowl of fruit tells you something about your way of life. You can then think of becoming aware of the fact that new and fruitful opportunities and health are improving.


But also prosperity and a good omen from abundance, this can of course be anything, money, health, insight, learning and studying and so on. Yet another explanation is that Fruit often stands for sexual arousal, and sexual need and/or the desire for affection and that can also be self-love!


The banana refers to the male genitals the penis. And the pears to the feminine physical aspect. The orange refers to the female breasts. So pay close attention to what is on your fruit bowl, this provides insight into the needs and desires.


Fruit salad in your dream is about the choices you have towards your success. Another explanation is that you cannot make choices, because you have not received enough information, or because you do not have the right train of thought. In addition, the fruit bowl also reflects spring, summer, the holiday feeling, relaxation and fun.

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