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Toilet dream picture

Published on 19 December 2019 at 10:27

If you dream or have a vision about a toilet or the lee, then this tells you about the need to let go of certain emotions, expressions, opinions and feelings from your life. Another explanation is that the toilet stands for peace, a private moment and the experience of reflection.


Is someone else sitting on your toilet in your dream or vision then it tells you to let go of the combination between projection and character traits, you yourself are the person sitting on the toilet and let go of that person's character traits, you leave that person behind you, and close it.


If you are cleaning the toilet in your dream, this tells you that you are releasing the old patterns, letting go of your inhibitions and giving your body another chance.

If you dream or see a vision of a public toilet, this tells you about the publicity with which you have difficulty expressing it, shame, emotions you do not want to share, help and reasonableness.

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