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Tea dream picture

Published on 20 June 2021 at 07:00

If you dream or have a vision that you are making tea or drinking tea, it tells you about satisfaction with your life and the tranquility you can experience, because while drinking tea your soul and mind are in agreement. Another explanation is that you take your time regarding a particular relationship or situation in your life.


To see tea and teacups in your dream or vision is telling you that you have a need to be more spiritual, and also long for spiritual enlightenment in your life. Another explanation is that you are aware of the choices you make, balance and thoroughness will give you new insights.


I call them dreams of awareness - in which you hold up a mirror to yourself, as it were. Possible references to addictive drinks (including tea dreams) are definitely at the top of the list of behavioral signals and/or wake-up calls.


Dreaming of reading tea leaves tells you that you want to gain insight or that you would like to receive answers from the afterlife, it could be that you are wondering what your purpose on earth is, or what direction you want to go with your life.

Another explanation is that reading tea leaves tells you that you have no concrete goals, no pure opinion, that you are not sure, and believe in magic, prophecies to which you dedicate your life or to which you are sensitive.


Tea reflects the element of water and/or drinking water. Tea and so on tells you something about cleaning, cleaning, clearing and new vision represented. Yet another explanation is that tea is connected with natural beliefs, herbal science and wisdom from nature religion and so on. Awareness from this point of view and/or working with it as a life goal and so on.

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