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Hunting dream picture

Published on 19 February 2021 at 07:00

Hunting, hunter in the dream tells you about your personal feeling and connections. You reflect yourself, as it were, on both your prey and the hunter. The question, however, is what are you? The hunted or the hunter in other words are you the one who deprives you of everything or are you on the run from yourself and/or the situation you are in.


These kinds of dreams have to do with your heart, your source, your base and especially your fear, anger, aggression, stress, sadness, emotions and feelings. Awareness dream from the fact that yourself are the most important link regardless of who or what you are in the dream.


So always be careful with these kinds of dreams! what do you hunt? who is chasing you? Turn around and ask the hunter why and who it is. You will be amazed what you discover!.

Dreams about hunting or being a hunter have a deep rooted anger, fear, passion, sadness, emotions, depression, burnout content. In addition, it is strategic and has a masculine energy and charge that can be expressed.


The bullet, for example, is associated with anger, aggression, pain and sadness that you have to express. Another explanation is that a drastic decision has to be made or there are problems that absolutely need to be solved. Yet another explanation is that a bullet represents the phallus symbol; so it tells you about fertility and new possibilities, a lot of strength and power.


An alternative explanation is the saying 'the bullet is through the church', that once a decision has been made, there is no going back or that the cause and effect are insurmountable. This can be experienced both positively and negatively.

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