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Screaming dreams

Published on 4 May 2021 at 07:00

Dreams in which you call, scream tells you about expressing your emotions, feelings, experiences, sadness. Sharing your story from the depths of your soul, your source, your base, your feeling. Like it comes from the tip of your toes, like you had to dig deep.


It is often the things that are very deeply hidden but need to be expressed (hard from the heart). Dreams are a processing of your daily life, are you listening?.. including to yourself and everyone involved.

Another explanation is the feeling of not being heard, as if you don't matter; and/or you experience the negative feeling. Burnout, stress experiences are often a signal in screaming dreams. Asking for attention is reflected in this dream - this can be experienced both positively and negatively.


Breaking free from unhealthy old patterns, expressing your deepest desires on both a subconscious and waking conscious level. Another explanation is that this indicates a lack of control and power in your life, you are projecting or mirroring your inner panic in the dream

Another explanation is the feeling of helplessness and not being able to make a clear decision

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