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Subway dream picture

Published on 22 March 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming about a Subway is about the inner journey, life journey, the road you are currently walking. A very important explanation is that the subway reflects the womb of life, the tunnel from the dark to the light! 


The life path that you feel deep in your soul, experience and so on. The inner demons, the obstacles, the life lessons and finally the new positive that is coming. Sometimes you have to dig deep to get to where you need and/or want to be in life


If you dream or have a vision that you are on the subway, it tells you that you are unconsciously trying to achieve your goal in life. You explore hidden aspects of yourself, the things of your qualities and your character that you did not know before, as well as developing your talents. An alternative explanation is that you are making a hasty decision without thinking it through.


In addition, it can also be linked to your social growth, friendships and personal development, like-minded opportunities. But also experiencing an intended new opportunity, an inner and outer journey that you want to make. You decide where you get off or where you stop during your changes in life.

Another explanation is experiencing the spiritual or spiritual progress in life and/or wanting to connect with like-minded people and so on.

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