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Customs dream picture

Published on 26 December 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about customs tells you about the transition period in your life. It is a period to be able to reach the ultimate goal. Another explanation is that you experience the feeling that the journey you make as a human (soul) comes to a new level.


You have to bridge this period, but the result after this crossing will be desirable and will provide new insights and results. You can also think of twin souls, soul mates and soul groups, like-minded people and so on working together.


The customs reflected from A to B, the focus on the small steps forward in life and/or the situation you are in. In addition, customs are also neutral territory, no man's land, the unknown, transformation and transition, transition in between, the road to becomming. The moment of stopping, the moment of rest, just a stop moment.

Dreaming about a customs is therefore about the inner journey you are making. Another explanation is thinking out of the box, looking beyond what you have done so far. It's the challenge it's between two worlds in moment.


A dream or vision in which you cross the border indicates choice and decisions, the way to becomming, walking the new path of life, making the inner crossing. It is the beginning of an important decision or even a momentous moment in your life.

Another explanation is overcoming fears, old unhealthy patterns, past life experiences and/or traumas. For many people it will be an experience with positive energy, prosperity and wealth ahead with few exceptions.


Another very important explanation is that customs also have a connection with your life purpose or assignment abroad. The desire for travel, learning and studying or something that goes beyond your own environment. Spreading your wings and letting go of limitations and limitations.

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