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Debit card, Credit card dream picture

Published on 25 June 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about owning a debit card  online (digital) payment or credit card tell you that you have a modern view of money and money in turn indicates that success and prosperity are within your reach.


Money can symbolize self-confidence, success or norms and values. This can refer to abundance no matter what form it is! You can think of health, wisdom, knowledge, happiness, love, money in the bank etc. 

In addition, it can be in possession of a debit card, credit card, having faith in your own abilities and life knowledge. Another explanation is that a dream about money refers to your attitude towards love and matters of the heart, but also your love towards money, abundance and wealth can be experienced both positively and negatively.


Dreams or visions about a broken debit card or credit card (digital online payment) tell you that your financial, emotional, abundant regardless of the form or the desire is not in balance. Another explanation is the fear of wealth, money, wealth, insight, knowledge, wisdom, health and/or the feeling of being divided. Another explanation is that you have the feeling that you have lost yourself along the way and you feel your mental limitation and/or limitation from higher hand, the universe, ignorance and/or disfavor.


A debit, online payment, or credit card that doesn't work in your dream or vision tells you that you feel like you're being taken away (you can take it away from yourself too!). You have plans, wishes that you do want to carry out, but maybe this is because the time has not come yet, or because you really don't have the financial means. You also do not see the possibilities to make yourself better financially, emotionally or spiritually.


As an additional alternative, a credit card, debit card, (digital, online payment) can also indicate having credit and/or debts, fear about money, income, agreements with, for example, a bank or other authorities that you regard as a kind of processing. appear in your dream world. Stress, burnout, problems are reflected in this towards awareness of the fact that.

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