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Tape / Adhesive tape dream picture

Published on 27 June 2021 at 07:00

To see or use Tape / Adhesive in your dream or vision is telling you about feeling or experiencing a limitation or a need for restraint. There may even be a feeling of falling short; or have not managed to do it; not being able to bridge it and not being able to tie it together (not being able to put the puzzle together).


Another explanation is that tape stands for trying to confirm things (make sense), things that you had already closed should still get some attention in your opinion. You can experience this both positively and negatively. Some things are simply closed but are still reopened and so on due to outside influence and/or because on an unconscious level you don't seem to be done with it yet.


Another explanation is that you simply want to stick things and problems together. Having a wrong idea of ​​something and/or wanting to really line something up, fix it against your better judgement. Pay close attention to what is on the tape and/or what shapes it has, there may be clues that you can use to explain the dream.

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