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Jeans dream picture

Published on 3 July 2021 at 09:27

Dreams or visions about jeans tell you something about the way you present to the world. How you feel and the reflection you want to convey from your heart, your soul, your source and/or your outward appearance.


Another explanation is that you can have the experience of coming from a situation that has negative energy, you can encounter temptations but also dishonest actions. Another explanation is that the jeans stand for protection of the way you stand on earth, the stable foundation of your thoughts and upbringing protects you. Another explanation is that you are wondering what your role is in a certain situation in life.


To see short jeans/jeans in your dream or vision tells you that you are open to new influences, and that you would like to show more of yourself. But another explanation is that your inner child or your youthful self likes to express itself by reacting more playfully. In addition, it is always the way you want to present and or how you feel and so on (the reflection of who or what you want to be and are).


An alternative explanation is that you are selling yourself short, or that your financial situation is not sufficient. Another explanation is that jeans represent strength, and being strong gives you long-term success. Pay close attention to the holes, patches, stickers and pockets, this tells you something about your soul colors, the way you want to present yourself and/or how you feel in the situation and/or moment in life.

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