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Couch / Sofa dream picture

Published on 21 January 2021 at 07:00

Sitting on a couch or sofa tells you the need to relax and be relaxed. In addition, it can refer to contemplation and wanting to view everything from a distance. Another explanation is that you are currently relaxing, seeking tranquility and want to assess everything before continuing on your life path.

The couch or sofa is a reference to your heart, your source, your base, your most pure self because in your dream it often has a connection with a house, room, room, living room, building and so on.


Dreams and visions about a couch, sofa tell you that you can take a more homely attitude in your life. Another explanation is that you need warmth, cosiness, cosiness, love and family in your life

Yet another explanation is that the sofa represents a part of your heart that needs attention in order to find a specific and personal solution that is close to your heart. An alternative explanation is that you may come across as a bit lazy or that you think very easily about certain things in your life.


Pay close attention to the fabric, color, the material it tells you a lot about the energy of your dream, it really conveys the message! and/or that which you may think about while interpreting the dream.

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