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Chair dream picture

Published on 30 June 2021 at 13:28

Sitting on a chair tells you the need to relax and be relaxed. In addition, it can refer to contemplation and wanting to view everything from a distance. Another explanation is that you are currently relaxing, seeking tranquility and want to assess everything before continuing on your life path.


Another explanation is that the chair stands for the way you stand in life, whether this is in balance you can only answer yourself. The chair is a reference to your heart, your source, your base, your most pure self because in your dream it often has a connection with a house, room, room, living room, building and so on.


The chair represents a new way of thinking, grounding, returning to your base and connecting you with your true self. An alternative explanation is that you are looking for support and help from other people.

The chair can be experienced both positively and negatively. As an alternative explanation, a Chair can represent like-minded seeking, having the need not to be alone but to meet people.


Pay close attention to the fabric, color, the material it tells you a lot about the energy of your dream, it really conveys the message! and/or that which you may think about while interpreting the dream.

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