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Kitchen dream picture

Published on 24 May 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming of a kitchen reflects your feminine energy, your creativity, your discoveries and the way you approach life. It is an awareness dream that allows you to connect with your purest and true self. You are, as it were, the kitchen, the cooking is yourself and so on. It also reflects your heart, your source, your foundation and your family, family, love and passions.


If you dream about the kitchen, this tells you about the need for warmth, security, motherly feelings and love. Another explanation is that the kitchen stands for change, creativity, discovery, development, and a form of innovation.

As an additional explanation, it may be that the kitchen refers to imbalance between your masculine and feminine energy and that you have to make decisions, make decisions and/or that you can listen more to both your intuition and your logical thoughts (head).



Dreams about cooking also reflect house, tree, animal and everything that comes with it - the emotions, the feelings, the warmth and the affection, but also the fears, sadness and so on. You have a need for this, the longing for and/or there is something in your waking existence that evokes this feeling and/or needs attention. Dreaming about cooking, kitchen really reflects your feeling, your waking existence and awareness of the fact that.


An alternative explanation is that the kitchen represents daily grind, and habits that must be broken by using your insights. Pay close attention to what the kitchen looks like, the colours, the material, smell, cooking, baking, pots, pans, dishes and so on. This gives a very good picture of how you can explain the dream and/or whether you have a positive or negative feeling.

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