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Gordijn / Vitrage droom picture

Published on 11 July 2021 at 07:00

Dreams about curtains, net curtains, blinds or window decoration, tell you something about your personal growth and developments, but also about shame and concealment. Another explanation is therefore the spiritual withdrawal, listen to your inner wisdom and act after this so that you can find pure answers.


Closing curtains, net curtains, blinds or blinds in your dream or vision tells you about secrecy and the suppression of emotions and thoughts. Often you try to hide something from the outside world. Another explanation is the shutdown and loneliness in your life.


Dreams or visions of opening curtains, sheer shades or blinds tell you that you are ready to reveal something, you are ready to show yourself, to look for new opportunities. The shame and loneliness is over and the outside world should know. Visions or dreams about applying window treatments are also about creativity and spiritual growth in your life, but you don't want to show this to the outside world until you are ready.


Pay close attention to what the curtains, awning, net curtains, etc. look like, the colours, the material and so on. This gives a very good picture of how you can explain the dream and/or whether you have a positive or negative feeling.

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