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Guinea pig dream picture

Published on 4 July 2021 at 10:31

Dreaming about a guinea pig tells you that you are over sensitive, and sometimes a bit frugal, can be conscious about money and/or like to hold on to material things. It can therefore happen that you can be too eager.


Also in the field of love, material things and spiritual things you can come across a little less easy. Another explanation is that dreams about the guinea pig are about softness, sensitivity and warmth in your life or the situation you are in.


Another explanation is that you should pay attention to the small things in life, enjoy the small things - do not hold on to luxury and value, success in the form of abundance (money) but enjoy life itself, be of service, be happy with everything you have and so on.


Spiritual explanation of the Guinea pig dreams are related to being curious, you want to see everything from as close as possible. But you're also a big scaredy-cat, always alert to danger. The guinea pig  tells you to take the plunge into the unknown without being rash, and to examine unknown things for their value. 

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