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Engel Uriel droom picture

Published on 8 February 2021 at 12:54

Visions or dreams about the Archangel Uriel tell you about getting support, but also experiencing help with your personal development and inner growth. Through insight you can approach and experience everything in a completely new way.

Another explanation is learning to believe in your own ideas, dreams, wishes and developments. Yet another explanation is, experiencing protection and strength when it comes to your true inner self and personality. Yet another explanation is supporting and understanding your own creativity.


"God is light". He is a very important, versatile heavenly messenger, he appears when the need is greatest. If you are allowed to cut knots, if you want to break old unhealthy ties. In addition, Uriel is also the connection with the deceased loved ones and with this he can connect and/or pass on a message.You can also think of Jing Yang, the balance between your masculine and feminine energy and the balance in life and/or a situation you are in.



Additional information

Angels and archangels that appear in your dreams and visions and/or during the day give you a special message that is important for your future and for your inner, spiritual and emotional life growth towards finding your life path. They help you through everything, and guide you to the bright spot or life purpose in your life.


The angels are whispering to you words that you need to show you what you can achieve in your life. Angels help you on your life path; they cleanse your energy, protect you from outside influences, show you the way, help you manifest, process the sadness, attract new relationships, attract wisdom and inner wealth.


Ask the angels for help and you will receive warmth on your shoulder or within your heart, the sadness disappears or softens so that you can assess and process it all more calmly and clearly.

The Angels, Archangels help you in the same way as the elves, fairy, fairy, the creator and/or that which you are associated with. You are connected with the Angel or Archangel that best suits you and/or suits the situation you are in. You may very well have a connection with a particular Angel or Archangel right now and it may be different next week; because you may have learned certain lessons or taken steps.


Angels and Archangel, just like the gods and goddesses, are always available for help and support, they are not bound by time and space and can therefore be everywhere at the same time. You don't have to worry that your request for help is superfluous, not necessary and/or important enough!

No darling you are important and we are always with you all you need to do is allow us and have faith in the support that is coming to you right now in whatever form it takes.

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