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Lighting a candle dream picture

Published on 13 July 2021 at 07:00

When you light a candle in your dream or vision, it tells you that you want help, support, insights, knowledge and light in the darkness. Another explanation is that you are aware of the afterlife. To dream of burning a candle also reflects your heart, your source, your base, your inner fire that becomes visible.


Yet another explanation is that you want to show yourself the way to the right life path, or the desire to guide and support people in life. The lit candle also represents traveling between the different dimensions, worlds; planets, fantasy, dream and spiritual insights; Only you know where the inner journey is going.


Pay close attention to the color of the candle, the flame, how many candles there are and so on. This tells you a lot about how to explain the dream.

Candles in your dreams and visions have so much to tell you - the most important thing is that you mainly listen to what your heart, your intuition has to tell!..

The energy/charge of the dream or vision tells you what your underlying message is. Candles are the light in everything, the light in all dimensions and energy fields, leis, vibrations, the extraterrestrial etc... and therefore so very special that you can dream and have visions about them.

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