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Plastic bottle dream picture

Published on 6 July 2021 at 07:00

A plastic bottle or plastic object in your dream tells you that you need a new look, cleaning, clearing, cleaning but especially from the point of view that what is in the bottle (determines the liquid) what you need have. (See Eating and Drinking Dreams)

Alternatively, it can represent awareness of the fact that there is something in your life that needs attention and/or that you need to ask and/or accept help for some things.


Another explanation seen from the plastic bottle is as follows. A moment or situation in which you have an unhealthy or unnatural experience. You can also think about faking, faking and/or being false (not authentic) in life. You are not being sincere and disloyal to your true self. Another explanation is that plastic stands for technology that is bad for your energy and your feelings. Avoid chemical, plastic products and eat natural foods.


A plastic bottle is round and/or spiral-like, it reflects the experience of the perfection, the eternal and the unbreakable in your life. Another explanation is, a complete and infinite feeling that which knows or has no end. Yet another explanation is the victory over the inner marriage between your masculine and feminine energies. Your love relationship has taken on an unconditional application.

Another explanation is that you keep moving in the same circle with regard to a certain situation in your life. Infinite repetition, being stuck with the feelings, emotions, situations, and obstacles that are out of your control. One main explanation is that the circle and spiral represent the vagina, the womb and the birth of your body of life. You recognize the inner need for safety and nurturing.

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