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Duck dream picture

Published on 9 July 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming about the duck tells you that you can experience Protection and support. Another explanation is that you need emotional peace, balance in life and time for yourself. Another explanation is that you should rely more on your instincts.


Dreams about the duck are of course also connected with the element of water, emotions and feelings that arise in the dream world, awareness of the fact that. You are always the water in these kinds of dreams and symbolically the duck. The duck provides a connection between the body, the mind and everything that has to do with your soul colors


Dreaming about a duck tells you something about the way you are connected to your deepest self, your soul and the way you present yourself in the world, you can see this positively or negatively. You are aware of your own contribution, but you are not afraid to tackle things that do not belong to you.


Chick dreams are about seeing new opportunities, possibilities and developments, but often this is after a lot of effort and time, rest and patience to achieve this goal. You can see it like this

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