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Soap dream picture

Published on 25 February 2021 at 07:00

A dream or vision about soap, shower foam tells you that you want to wash off pent-up emotions, feelings, old pains and memories. You may feel emotionally impure, dirty, or guilty, trying to wash away or wash away the fear or shame to feel better.


Another explanation is the desire to let go of an unhealthy situation or something from the past and/or to speak honestly to yourself and everyone involved. Another explanation is that you have let go of the past and now want to start with a clean slate.


An alternative explanation is the energetic (spiritual) clearing of unhealthy negative energy. Soap reflects the soul lessons, karma, past lives, house cleaning, banishing negative things from your life. Soap is the awareness of the fact that you can let go of everything and that you purify, heal and heal yourself and/or the situation you are in, as it were, and so on.


Pay close attention to what the soap is made of, material, color, shape, smell, this tells you a lot about what you can heal, heal, purify and / or what you let go and so on.



An important addition is that soap, shower foam is connected with the element of water and therefore also has a connection to this as a dream and vision explanation.

Water is the cradle of your subconscious, your feelings and your emotions. Water is, as it were, the lubricant of your psyche and represents life energy. It also represents spirituality, purification, wisdom, healing and refreshment in your life.

Another explanation is that the water also represents the cycle of the body and life. The emotions, feelings, life experiences that may be expressed. The more water present in your dream or vision, the more feelings that have come to a certain point in your life and/or situation.

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