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Tuin droom picture

Published on 16 July 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming of a garden reflect the connection with your purest I, your heart, your source and your base. It is a reflection of how you feel and how you stand in life. The garden is an extension of your house (home) dreams; it's that piece you want to show the world. This can be the outside world but also your inner world. That which you share with others (heart) moments and experiences.

Pay close attention to what the garden looks like that tells you a lot about how to interpret the dream or vision.


Dreams or a vision about a garden with lots of greenery and flowers tell you about happiness and comfort in your life, but also about new ideas and possibilities. Another explanation is that you will experience a lot of fun within the family.


When you dream or have a vision that you are walking through a garden with plants with your loved one, it tells you about pure happiness and independence in friendship, love and work that you can come to experience. Another explanation is to find the balance between your feminine and masculine energy.


Dreams and visions of vegetables growing in the garden tell you about experiencing problems and hurdles to overcome, as well as paying attention to the care of the fruits you have planted in life. Another explanation is that the garden tells something about the way you view the world and life.


To harvest vegetables and flowers from your garden in your dream or vision tells you that you have paid a lot of attention to your dreams, wishes, ideas, yourself or a situation and now you can reap the benefits. You have learned a lot and now is the time to do something with it.


Dreams or a vision that you are weeding tells you that you should free yourself from negative thoughts in order to grow as a person in your life. The time has come to let go of the old and build future relationships, but also to create more space for insights and abilities. Another explanation is that you should enjoy the little things in life, even the things you don't know about.


Dreams and visions in which your garden is withered and dry tells you of adversity, inner loneliness, not paying attention to your wishes, dreams, ideas or your inner and spiritual well-being. Another explanation is that the ongoing financial or spiritual drought, and the doubt dominate your life.



But if you dream or have a vision of a garden where you are planting everything, then this tells you that you are letting go of the past and planning and caring for everything again, but you must first sow so that you can can harvest.


Dreams or visions of seeing a backyard tell you that you have known a lot of health, happiness, affection, love and financial value in the past, but that you have experienced little or no beauty in the present. Another explanation is that you subconsciously get stuck in what used to be; history, memories and so on.


When you walk in your backyard with someone in your dream or vision, it tells you that you have lost character traits, loved ones or friendships and you secretly hope to get them back. Another explanation is that you are not done with the past, you want to revive it or revisit it and consider it.



Dreams or visions of a beautiful front yard tell you that you can expect new things in your life, success, wealth or victory over your financial, mental and physical problems.


If you have a withered front yard in your dream or vision, it tells you that you are not experiencing a positive period, that the future and your present life need more attention. The coming period does not look positive, you are in a dip, or you do not overcome mental and physical problems.

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