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Parking garage dream picture

Published on 12 July 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming of a parking garage or parking lot reflects your heart, your source, your base - where you feel safe and secure. It is only the piece that you share with the outer world (inner world). In other words, it is something that is protected and secure but open and accessible.


It is that part of yourself that you are aware of, such as your soul colors, your wishes, your dreams, your desires. A very important explanation is that parking refers to standing still, a stopover of your (inner) soul journey, awareness of the fact and self-reflection. An addition to this or alternative explanation is that parking is a stopover, stoppage, etc. over which you have no control and/or influence.


Dreams or visions of a parking garage, parking lot tell you about unconscious feelings that you have tucked away, hidden, or perhaps neglected. Another explanation is that you can rely more on your intuition and your true feelings. You can see parking as a stopover, a moment of reflection and/or a moment of silence


Dreams or visions of parking a car tell you about the soul journey you are on, it also refers to your inner changes. Positive new opportunities that you will experience through new choices. During these changes, your emotions, your relationship, your questions, your social and psychological problems are often viewed and/or revised.


Pay close attention to who you park next to, what the car or vehicle looks like and so on, this tells you a lot about how to interpret your dream.

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