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Vase / Flowerpot dream picture

Published on 15 June 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a vase or flower pot tell you you want to connect and/or try to connect with your purest feminine nurturing energy. Another explanation is that you will enjoy domestic harmony and be satisfied with your progress towards your life purpose. Another explanation is to find happiness, contentment or a heart's desire to come true.


Dreams or a vision that you drink from a vase or flower pot tell you about the need for inner healing, cleaning in a natural way. and from your purest form - this can be anything (listen to your intuition) and be experienced both positively and negatively. Another explanation is experiencing temporary changes, interests and feelings that may give you a little more tension or challenge.


To see a broken vase or flower pot in your dream or vision tells you that you feel that you are experiencing physical and perhaps spiritual setbacks. It is a reflection and reflection of your true feelings, setbacks, possibilities, and heartbreak, loss of a loved one. Another explanation is the reflection of the fact that the inner anger, fear, pain and sorrow are broken.


Pay close attention to the material, color, smell, where the vase or flower pot is located, etc. This gives a good insight and feeling and helps you explain the dream. 

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