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Table dream picture

Published on 7 May 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or a vision about a table tell you about the social connections, soul colors, like-minded people and the possibility of being together. You can also think of being social with people who have meaning to you. Yet another explanation is that a table dream also reflects your feminine energy, your purest part, your nurturing qualities. An addition to this is the balance between your work, family, friends, lover, twin souls and private and so on.



The main explanation is that the table reflects your heart, your purest self, your source, your base, your soul, your intuition and so on (so pay close attention to where the table is in your dream). Another explanation is that the table represents a part of yourself, the part of your heart that you allow at the table. The table is a reflection of your heart, your true self, but also how you stand in life and how you want to profile yourself and how you feel.

Pay close attention to what is on the table, food, fruit bowl, flowers, what color is the table, material and so on this tells you a lot about how to explain the dream.



If the table is broken or broken in your dream or vision, this tells you that you have a broken heart, emotions, feelings that you cannot or difficult to express. Another explanation is that there may be (heavy) soul damage, you have had a negative experience or that there may be a difference of opinion with your loved one or in friendships.

Another explanation is the experience of pressure, setback, oppression and obstacles to overcome and the desire to glue and review problems. Yet another explanation is that there is something that you can no longer keep to yourself and want to make public.

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