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Mandarin dream picture

Published on 19 July 2021 at 07:00

Visions or dreams about tangerines tell you about your skin, your body and your chakras, your aura and especially your outward appearance. You can also think of fertility, health and favorable developments.


An alternative explanation is that you can see the mandarin as a dream image of your outer and inner appearance. The reflection of your skin. A nice thick skin tells you that you can take a beating, a thin skin also tells you that you are not feeling well.

Maybe you experience that you can't handle criticism very well at the moment and/or that the problem is too big, negative energy and/or people around you. External influences can play a role in this, another addition is that the shell really says something about your inner and outer health and how you stand in the world and/or how you want to present yourself.


Visions or dreams about eating a tangerine tell you that you are worried about some situation or facets of life. You can even think of worries about or about illness, and physical setbacks. Another explanation is that you want insight into friendships and business transactions.

An addition is that it can be a reference to the ripeness of the mandarin, possibly with a reference to how it feels, how long the problems will last and/or whether it is experienced negatively.


To see a tangerine peel in your dream tells you that a period is coming to an end, that you are consciously taking off your old jacket. In addition, it is connected to your skin, your body and your spiritual (human form) so you can think of awareness of the fact that you have to take good care of your body, chakras and aura are reflected in this.

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