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Banana dream picture

Published on 16 November 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about the banana tell you about fertility from the male energy. You can also think of a signal of prosperity, but a connection with your source, your base, your heart and your intuition.


Another explanation is fertility, and the male energy, libido, sexuality and desires. The magnification, growth, glorification of your gift, powers and spiritual development.

The banana reflects the sexual symbol for the male penis, therefore the banana represents not only fertility but also sensual and sexual desires and escapades that can reach great heights.



If you eat a banana in your dream or vision, it tells you that you have, find, get, experience a fruitful relationship. You can also think of new ideas that are sure to be successful. It is the spiritual symbolism of a spiritual connection between growth and the development process. A banana indicates the state of enlightenment, but also firepower, passion, feelings, emotions and the connection with different dimensions and awareness of the fact that.


The peel gives there and against the symbolic jacket of life. The protection you experience in the situation you are in. It is a kind of soul protection, the personal boundary and/or the connection with your skin and your outer appearance. It connects or protects your purest form, your soul, your source, your base, your heart and your gentle nurturing properties.

You can think of the feminine energy that is opposite the masculine energy for the entire banana. The balance between the male and female energy is therefore reflected when you peel and eat the banana!


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