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Bathroom dream picture

Published on 22 July 2021 at 07:00

If you dream or see a vision that you are taking a bath or shower, it tells of cleansing your inner self and washing away a difficult period. Another explanation is to unlearn old habits, ideas, opinions and other negative things from your current life.

This dream or vision refers to forgiveness and letting go of unresolved problems and emotions that you need to learn to express, this can be experienced both positively and negatively.



Seeing a bathroom tells you about tidying up, cleaning, shaking off feelings and most importantly getting ready to tidy up.

If the bathroom is dirty, or overcrowded, it means that you have no overview in your life and that you first have to clean up the inner mess, problems, obstacles and everything you are (un)consciously working on. It is a signal that you cannot yet let go of the past and that you want to find more peace in the situation.



The water in which you bathe, shower, and so on is, as it were, the lubricant of your psyche and represents life energy. It also represents spirituality, purification, wisdom, healing and refreshment in your life. An alternative explanation is the release of the soul, the source, the base with help and support and the letting go of all boundaries.
The water reflects the way you feel in a certain situation; the question is.... Is the water calm and calm, or is it storming? .. It gives you a good picture of how you experience the life lessons and/or how you feel and so on.


Pay close attention to what is standing, lying, hanging, what color the bathroom is and how it feels when it comes to the energy it gives. This tells you exactly how to explain it - positive or negative, is it old unhealthy stuff and/or is it an improvement towards what you want and so on.

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