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Goldfish dream picture

Published on 28 July 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a goldfish tell you about victory, success, experiencing wealth, fertility. You can also think of sailing along, swimming along with the situation through your adaptability. Another explanation is that the goldfish stands for healing of a project, wish, relationship, idea or dream.


The goldfish is connected with the element of water and therefore has an additional spiritual explanation about the subconscious, your feelings and your emotions. Water is, as it were, the lubricant of your psyche and represents life energy. It also represents spirituality, purification, wisdom, healing and refreshment in your life. Another explanation is that the water also represents the cycle of the body and life. Water reflects the womb of life, the beginning, the foundation, your start, your soul.


Dreams and visions of goldfish swimming symbolize swimming with the flow of life energy, or perhaps you choose to swim against the current. what choice did you make? Take a good look at your situation, everything flows through or you have to fight for everything - goldfish (fish) dreams and visions can be experienced both positively and negatively depending on whether you swim with the flow or go against it.


If you swallow a goldfish in your dream or vision, it tells you that the communication needs attention. It can also refer to a new form of communication and/or speaking (pronouncing) openly. An additional explanation is that there may be a new love and/or that you have conquered or regained a love. Swallowing a goldfish is also a reference to fertility and success assured for the future. 


A dead goldfish in a dream or vision tells you about a negative or positive experience and/or a moment when everything seems to stand still (the end and the new beginning) so it really depends on how you look and/or how you see it. experiences. Another explanation is that there can be a loss of wealth and power through sad or old unhealthy circumstances.

You can think of that which is not healthy, that which no longer fits in your life. Another explanation is that you have not overcome the old or that which no longer belongs to your life and/or situation. In addition, it is a reference to death and rebirth, making it a reflection of the womb of life and starting over.

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