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Pirate dream picture

Published on 31 July 2021 at 07:00

A dream or vision of a pirate means progress, new opportunities and fertile plans in your life. You are on your way to taking on new opportunities in your life; but you have to remember that this still needs some attention. A pirate and in this case the boat also represents victory over old problems that you leave behind.


An important explanation is that to see a pirate in your dream reflects the sense of diminishing yourself, depriving yourself of, undermining yourself. As additional information you can say that pirates represent the dark qualities (inner demons) fears and the overcoming of all that scares you.

It is the inner journey that is an important part of your life and/or the situation you are in. A pirate dream or vision represents the soul journey, the source, the foundation, your heart, your deep but dark life lessons. Another explanation is that a pirate also reflect the repressed feelings and fears. You can experience this both positively and negatively, after dark days, after deeply examining your soul lessons, stirring you can find the light again and so on. The addictive recurring behavior and patterns that you just can't break.


An alternative explanation is that a pirate dream also includes the unknown and the challenge, that which is not standard, thinking out of the box and so on. Going further where others stop, the challenging masculine energy is represented here.



Calm water in your dream or vision tells you that you have calm waters to reach your goal in life with your boat.

Troubled water in your dream or vision is telling you about experiencing the turmoil and imbalance of your purpose in life.

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