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Gold in the dream picture

Published on 23 April 2020 at 07:00

Gold is the color of success, prosperity, victory, recognition, great ambitions, happiness, wealth and a healthy long life. Gold is the lifeblood of everything, it also tells you with the water beings, god, the source, jesus, gods, the light world, the universe. Dreams and Visions that contain gold also represent attracting prosperity, healing and deepening spiritual growth and development.


Gold in dreams and visions means experiencing love and happiness, but also deception and abuse. Another explanation is victory, success, wealth, a marriage between two people, but also an inner marriage between your masculine and feminine energy. Yet another dream and vision explanation of gold is that you come to rest and experience the balance between give and take, income and expenditure. But gold also asks you for your wealth and this doesn't have to be just money - Knowledge, wisdom - to share with other people.



Golden Candle

Je kunt gouden kaarsen gebruiken als je hulp wilt bij één van deze bovenstaande onderwerpen. De gouden kaars kun je gebruiken voor een meditatie, het aantrekken van voorspoed, healing en verdiepende spirituele groei en ontwikkeling. 



Additional dream information

Colors in your dream, it is not very common that you consciously dream about colors. They are often elements that you just happen to notice. We always dream in basic colours, brown, black or shades of gray. But when we dream in color it is often

For example a red car or a yellow door.... these colors have a special message for you and below you will find an explanation of this.

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