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Gaia dream picture

Published on 5 August 2021 at 07:00

When Gaia appears in your dream or vision, it tells you about the origin, the base, your heart, your source, your life. You can also think of the birth of new life including your own birth. In addition, gaia stands for mother, woman, pregnancies and the magical possibilities to create because you want to.


Gaia is the goddess of all that has been created here on this earth, she is the mother of all, she has given us life; she has fertilized, carried and nurtured this planet and that is precisely from Gaia you can tell in your dream the creative power flows from your deepest magical self.

The soul, your body, your spirit, your spirit, your aura, your whole being in this life and the next, but also the previous one is reflected by Gaia. The infinite cycle, the fertile and death, rebirth and so on. The feminine energy comes up very strongly in these kinds of dreams, listen to your womb, your feminine vibration and let it flow to you abundantly.




Additional information

Consciously or perhaps at this moment still unconsciously we make contact with the higher spiritual and therefore also with gods and goddesses during our dreams, daydreams, visions, meditations, visualizations.

Dreams, daydreams, visions meditations, visualizations about Gods and Goddesses appearing to you are less common or at least on a subconscious level; but if they appear to you consciously then this dream or vision has a great spiritual message. The message is therefore very personal for everyone, but in general you can say that it has to do with deep spiritual development and personal growth.


The gods and goddesses always appear to you to support and help you after you ask them for help. They help you in the same way as the angels, elves, fairy, fairy, the creator, earth angels and/or whatever you are in contact with. You are connected with the god or goddess that best suits you and/or suits the situation you are in. It may very well be that you have a connection with a particular god or goddess right now and it will be different next week; because you may have learned certain lessons or taken steps.


Gods and Goddesses are just like the angels, earth angels  always available for help and support, they are not bound to time and space and can therefore be everywhere at the same time. You don't have to worry that your request for help is superfluous, not necessary and/or important enough! No darling you are important and we are always with you all you have to do is allow us and have faith in the support that is coming to you right now in whatever form it takes.

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