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Dinosaur dream picture

Published on 6 August 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a dinosaur tell you about primordial feelings, the source, the basis of your whole being. Hardness, having a backbone, but also about violence and fascism, the end and beginning (death and rebirth). The dino reflects your inner fear, anger, aggression, emotions and everything that is hidden under your skin.


You may get carried away by your emotions, passion, and feelings that you need to overcome. The dinosaur is, as it were, your backbone and flows through your entire being, from your toes (earth, being grounded) to your head (the universe, heaven, crown chakra).


Another explanation is that you should take a closer look at the past. Yet another explanation is that your present life is suffering from a past life; which may have made you feel compelled to fight against old unresolved problems. It is a reflection of raw and purity in life.


An alternative explanation for the dinosaur are monsters (inner demons) that represent childish behavior and fantasy that is not real. Alternatively, you can think of a kind of fight with the past because it is to be overcome. And fear of failure in your life can also be reflected by a dinosaur. An important explanation is that you are always the dino, that which attacks you and/or that which you fear - you mirror, as it were, the qualities, fears, emotions, feelings on the entire dream or vision.



Yet another explanation is that you are stuck in the past or that you still have problems in the past in which something has yet to be solved or overcome. Yet another explanation is that the dinosaur represents a past life in which you had a deep connection with the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Dinosaur is in connection with the mythical creatures, it can also have a spiritual connection.

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