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Robot dream picture

Published on 4 January 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming about a robot tells you something about your way of life; you can think of the technology and developments of the future, information and modern life. Dreams or visions about a robot are mainly about communicating with yourself and with others around you.


You are the robot, the technology and the longing for the unknown future. A Robot dream can always be explained in two ways, positive and negative energy and experiences play a major role in this. 

An important explanation is that you can see a robot as a kind of soul reflection, a mirror towards yourself, your source, your base, your heart, your intuition. The robot can reflect that which you do not possess, think of strength, perseverance, thinking out of the box, technical knowledge and/or life from a completely different point of view (dimensions).


Robot dreams represent your present and the unknown future - but also other dimensions and/or the desire for like-minded and soul connections from the extraterrestrial and/or past life on another planet and so on.

An alternative explanation is that a robot is a lack of representing individuality and therefore inability to express emotions and feelings to other people in your environment (like-minded) soul connections.


It can also represent seclusion that leads to loneliness, loss in your life. But the most important explanation is that the robot reflects a part of yourself and not only your feeling, your source, your base, but also your (brain) ego-oriented thinking and heart-oriented thinking, intuition and so on.

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