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Music dream picture

Published on 8 August 2021 at 07:00

Music dreams or visions are experienced and experienced differently by everyone. Your neighbor may care about classical music while your personal preference may be for Dutch or pop music.


Because this is different, it is experienced more intensely than a normal dream, for example about bread or water. Music is personal and evokes feelings that you experience and experience on a daily basis, or perhaps take with you. It often happens that the music or songs you went to bed with in the evening are also experienced the next morning.


Dreams or visions about music tell you, finding peace, finding the balance, cooperation between soul and mind and physical awareness. You can express yourself to your heart's content, without inhibitions. But also the spiritual development, not to mention the masculine and feminine qualities, are in balance. You will find the creativity and expression you need to grow and develop in life. You shake off the problems with music, so that the soul and mind can cleanse and rest.


Pay close attention to what kind of music is present in the dream! This tells you a lot about how to explain it and/or use your intuition, heart, your source, your base to let your feeling speak - positive or negative and so on.

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