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Gun dream picture

Published on 22 January 2019 at 07:00

To dream about a gun or pistol indicates that there is aggression and anger. Another explanation is that there can be the feeling or experience of a possible danger in your life. Important additional explanation is that you yourself are the gun, the pistol, the bullet, the fight.


You reflect the fight, the gun and so on on the entire dream and/or you experience this in your waking existence. It is your own anger, fear, sadness, emotions and so on that may very much need to be expressed. Another explanation is that you have difficulty with things like passivity, aggression, authority and dependence.


Another explanation of this dream or vision is that the gun or pistol reflects a phallus or penis symbol. It represents the male sex drive, fertility and success and so on. In addition, you can also think of pressure, strength and perseverance, but you can see it as destructive and/or negative.


The male energy that makes decisions, makes decisions, stands up for what you believe in regardless of the outcome and/or feelings of others. Depending on how the dream or vision feels, it also reflects the conquering powerful energy.

The rifle also stands for power and desire for more control, strength, victory and/or whether this is positive, you can only fill in yourself.

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