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Bus dream picture

Published on 27 October 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a bus tell you about an inner journey that you follow together with other people, you are supported in your new opportunities, possibilities, wishes and ideas. The bigger the bus, the heavier the loads, the road, the way you look at things can feel.


On the other hand, a big bus can also represent being an inspiration, taking people on your journey and/or having support from like-minded, loved ones and so on.


If you are sitting in the front of the bus in your dream or vision, then you are the carrier of the ideas and other people travel with you on your ideas and expectations. If you dream or have a vision that you are waiting for the bus, it indicates a temporary setback in achieving your personal goals.

Dreams or visions of getting off at the wrong stop tell you that you are not done with your journey, with your changes, or that you are in doubt, have not made the right choices. It tells you about insecurity, shame and ignorance, or not having received enough information.


If you miss the bus, or get on the wrong bus, it tells you that something in your life isn't quite right, you've made wrong choices. You should slow down and have a new plan in your life. Another explanation is that you are not yet ready for the new opportunities, wishes, ideas or changes.

An alternative explanation is that you have the idea that you are bouncing behind everything, you are always just late, or not sufficiently informed and because of that you lose sight of your chosen goal.

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