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Nurse dream picture

Published on 29 November 2019 at 07:00

Dreams or a vision that you are a nurse, caretaker tell you that you want to be taken care of, spiritually, physically or spiritually in life and it will do you good. The nurse, caregiver tells you a lot about your feminine energy, your feminine nurturing power - the feminine energy has nothing to do with your outward appearance.


Another explanation is that the nurse, caretaker, tells about love, maternal feelings, caring, wisdom and patience. An alternative explanation is that you should show more compassion in a particular situation or relationship. You are always the caretaker, nurse, sister and the sick person, or the person being cared for in these kind of dreams.


So you mirror both qualities and desires on your dream and vision world. This kind of dreaming therefore mainly relates to awareness of the fact that.... take care of yourself, raising personal boundaries and/or physical and mental obstacles or challenges.

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