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Parel dream picture

Published on 9 January 2020 at 07:00

A pearl in your dream or vision tells you something about emotions, feelings and past lives. The pearl is associated with the womb of life and the birth of something new. In addition, the pearl connects you with feelings, sadness, pain, the past as well as with the healing and healing of old wounds.

Dreams and visions in which pearls appear give a message that you may look deeper into the source of everything, that you may find your inner strength - you have more power than you think now. In addition, a dream or vision about the pearl tells you the connection with the higher within yourself, the energy vibration of the universe and the high spiritual goals.


Pearls in dreams tell you a lot about inner cleansing and healing. In addition, a pearl dream also gives you insight into the womb of your entire being, your life; past life and cradle of life dreams. Open your heart and let the pearls enrich your life dreamingly.



Additional dream info

If crystals appear in your dreams or visions, this has a very special message and in addition the crystals, minerals or gemstones are connected to yourself (physically and spiritually). But you can also think about your chakras and your personal energy.

Not forgetting the planets and the spiritual magical part. Dreams and Visions about crystals, minerals, gemstones can also indicate delving into the power of nature, gemstones, minerals and crystals.

In addition, gemstones, crystals, minerals are always in connection with the beautiful planet on which we live and of course the universe - nature and connection with the higher purpose etc.






Pearls have a womb of life awareness. The Pearl promotes your dreams and then you can become aware of your (emotions, feelings, healing and healing dreams. It helps you to really dive deep into your inner feelings, past life-womb of life. With the waves of the live with the flow and not swim against the current.


It helps you gain insight into what is not flowing, what may be healed and/or what works best for you - you can also think of serving your highest self and/or the highest good. The pearl stands for purity, the soul, the source, the base. From this experience also flows your masculine and/or feminine energy. It is connected with water and therefore very powerful and above all feminine and fertile, healing, deepening and sensitive.


Dreams and visions about pearls from the spiritual point of view are also about twin souls, soul flames, soul mates born from the same energy and/or soul connection - the same soul pearl.

In addition, it can also be connected with protection and support of your soul assignments and your life path - the assignment or task that you have accepted as a beautiful pure soul. Incarnation, reincarnation and the womb of life and spiritual connections with higher vibrations and dimensions. The pearl is connected to water so keep the water dream explanation in mind when explaining!



Water dreams

Visions or dreams about water tell you about the subconscious, your feelings and your emotions. Water is, as it were, the lubricant of your psyche and represents life energy. It also represents spirituality, purification, wisdom, healing and refreshment in your life. Another explanation is that the water also represents the cycle of the body and life

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