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Rose quartz dream picture

Published on 1 December 2019 at 08:00

Dreams and visions about the Rose Quartz tells you about the healing and healing of the feminine aspects, love and affection. In addition, the rose quartz also provides a soft transition and transformation. Another explanation is that the rose quartz represents a connection with the universe in a positive way.


The rose quartz challenges you to let the underlying causes, problems surface. You experience inspiration and the ability to attract new things into your life. Rose quartz dreams help you dream better, fall asleep more gently (sleep through) and of course experience a gentle connection with your heart, your source, your base.


Dreams that contain rose quartz protect you from harmful radiation energy from computers and mobile phones, and harsh environmental energy. (as it were you experience the awareness of the unhealthy energy and vibration) of your environment.

An additional explanation is that the rose quartz dreams and visions help you with self-love, affection and opening your heart chakra, your inner pure self. The rose quartz dreams and visions is the most important helper and supporter in the field of sleeping, nightmares, fears, bedroom anxiety, etc. that you are overcoming and/or with which you can work in your waking life.




Additional dream info

If crystals appear in your dreams or visions, this has a very special message and in addition the crystals, minerals or gemstones are connected to yourself (physically and spiritually). But you can also think about your chakras and your personal energy.

Not forgetting the planets and the spiritual magical part. Dreams and Visions about crystals, minerals, gemstones can also indicate delving into the power of nature, gemstones, minerals and crystals.

In addition, gemstones, crystals, minerals are always in connection with the beautiful planet on which we live and of course the universe - nature and connection with the higher purpose etc.






Rose quartz is pre-eminently the stone of the heart and love. The stone has a strong effect on the dreaming heart chakra and opens the heart to receive love and to give love. The stone attracts harmonious love and friendly relationships and also promotes self-love and self-acceptance. Rose quartz is the quarter to help you with your sleeping problems, dreams, visions, daydreams.

Rose quartz has a mild, gentle effect and has a calming effect on grief and trauma and promotes empathy, openness and helpfulness. The stone is receptive to all kinds of beauty and stimulates creativity and imagination. Physically, the stone has a positive effect on the heart, the genitals, sexual desires and any problems, fertility.


Rose Quartz Helps with homesickness, soul pains and past life, the dream and soul world. It also helps you with dizziness, heart and circulation disorder, liver ailments, kidney ailments, puberty problems, jealousy, diarrhea.

The great thing about rose quartz is that it also promotes creativity and imagination, and spiritual growth. The dream and vision world has a major role in this. The doors of your soul, the layers are opened and clear. It brings you love, self respect, art visualizing thinking.



While daydreaming, sleeping, dreaming, the rose quartz calms and reduces your soul, your mind. It supports your auric flow and helps to shift the negative energy towards a more loving positive energy. In addition, it works very lovingly and powerfully (healing) on your chakras and especially on your solar plexus chakra, secral chakra and your heart chakra.

It strengthens your empathy and sensitivity, emotions, feelings and helps to accept changes (self-love and affection). Self-esteem and strength, but also self-knowledge and self-confidence.

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