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Fridge, Freezer dream picture

Published on 4 January 2019 at 07:00

Dreams or a vision about a refrigerator, freezer tell you that you have mainly set aside personal items, character traits to look at or judge again later. Note that what is in the refrigerator, freezer, refrigerator is very important to explain, it tells you exactly what you have put aside for a while and / or what you need at a later time.


The refrigerator, freezer is often in the kitchen or pantry (kitchen dreams and visions) and therefore has a reference to your feelings, emotions, feminine nurturing creative energy regardless of your appearance and / or how you feel as a person.

The more there is in the refrigerator, refrigerator, freezer; the more personal baggage, experiences, wishes and so on. In addition, the less there is in it, the less there is as soul lessons, personal saved moment and so on. Pay close attention to what is included and what is not. You are the fridge, freezer, refrigerator and you also reflect the soul products that can be seen in them!


Another explanation is that you want to keep feelings, emotions, problems and obstacles a little longer to make your choice calmly. Whether this is the right choice will only become apparent later; it can therefore be explained both positively and negatively. It can also refer to a past life and/or a situation that you have long forgotten - that which now resurfaces or becomes visible.


An important alternative explanation is that you can experience the feeling of being hurt as if you have literally put it on hold (on hold). An addition to this is that you do not get over old relationships, and mainly feel pain and numbness. 

The refrigerator, freezer is therefore a reflection or mirroring of your own heart and behavior. So it can be something from your past, but also from your present and even your dreams, wishes, projects and/or connections with like-minded or loved ones. It is a very broad explanation because it represents your heart, your source, your base.


An alternative explanation is that you create a conscious or unconscious stock, as it were, to save / collect your energy to go on to be strong and healthy in life at a later time. An addition to this is that you have collected the right information, knowledge, wisdom and now, as it were, link everything together, use it, etc. to be successful.


If in a dream or vision you put the fridge, refrigerator, freezer on a colder setting, it tells about the need to put off choices, feelings, emotions, problems and obstacles any longer, you simply dare not show your true self, your heart to open.

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