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Red Droom Picture

Published on 8 January 2019 at 18:37

Red is the color of strength, physical energy, determination, for courage in the face of opposition and for change in difficult circumstances. Also with love, passion, self-confidence, health, sexual potency, willpower. You can use red candles if you want help with any of the above topics.


With the color red you make contact with the fire beings, the angels of love; past loved ones and the afterlife in your dreams and visions. Dreams in which the color red appears tells you the connection to the setting sun or the rising moon energy - in addition it is connected to the red planet (Sirius)


You can also think of the primordial source, the feminine energy and the womb of life - the life cycle and the monthly physical transformation. An additional explanation is of course the color red is associated with blood, lava, the lifeline, history, your ancestors, past life, emotions, feelings and so on.




Red Candle

With the red candle you make contact with the fire beings, the angels of love; past lovers. The red candles are very suitable for rituals and meditations that have to do with heart matters, passion and inner fire. Of course you can also burn the red cheese with a photo of a deceased loved one or a loved one who needs help, etc. You can also use the red candle very well with twin souls and soul love that needs attention.




Additional dream information

Colors in your dream, it is not very common that you consciously dream about colors. They are often elements that you just happen to notice. We always dream in basic colours, brown, black or shades of gray. But when we dream in color it is often

For example a red car or a yellow door.... these colors have a special message for you and below you will find an explanation of this.

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