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Hert droom picture

Published on 10 August 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions of a moose, red deer, stag indicate courage, strength and above all endurance and elegance, spiritual growth and development. Another explanation is that friendships and family need warmth and attention. You can find happiness in the warmth and coziness of your loved one and/or from yourself.


Dreams and visions about the moose, red deer are connected to the natural beings and then you can think of elves, fairies, gnomes, etc. Another explanation is the connection with the forest and the woods; the element of autumn and looking deeper into your roots and your base. Dreams or visions about a deer, red deer, moose tell you that you have found your true self, your life purpose, now you can develop further.


A deer, red deer, moose that dies in your dream or vision tells you that you are hiding your true feelings, your faith and your spirituality. Another explanation is that you project yourself onto the deer and stop yourself from within; you don't want to believe it's going to be okay anymore. Or you stop giving energy to projects, wishes, finding your life purpose.


The spiritual message the deer brings to you is one of love and kindness, but also that there is no distinction between light and dark. The good and bad qualities and/or experience. You can also think between the inner demons and the lightworker within yourself.

One cannot exist without the other - the darker your experiences (heart) the more your life light can shine. The power of your pure love heals the wounds of others, including your own.



When the deer, moose, red deer appear to you in your dream  you are asked to love others regardless of appearance, disagreements, soul assignments and so on. Let go of all expectations, don't hold on to what is, what was and what you think you know or want, only true (self) love can heal wounds.

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