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Groceries dream picture

Published on 29 July 2020 at 07:00

Groceries If you dream or have a vision that you are shopping, this tells you that you will receive what you have not obtained enough so far. These can be things such as money or products, but also, for example, knowledge or love, wisdom and possibilities. They are often things that you have had to do a lot for; work on the shop and so on.

Dreaming about shopping is therefore received both positively and negatively - you have the feeling that you have missed something, have missed out on something, do not deserve it. With on the other hand you create an opportunity, you had to wait a long time for it and/or you can receive your wish, dream, idea (yet) the universe pays in abundance from experience.



A full shopping cart is about ease and comfort in your life, but also about inner wisdom, knowledge and everything you need. Another explanation is excess, demanding too much of yourself, taking too much on your fork in your life. It is a reflection of your heart, you are the one who buys, makes, loads and pays for the products! In addition, you represent the entire process from A to Z. It is your soul experience, your waking experience that is reflected in this.


Dreams and visions about shopping tell you something about the heart and the way you live your life. You know what you have learned, what you have overcome, what your deepest desires are and what you do not have but want to possess (but need). Another explanation is that it tells about the past memories that you have stored in your memory.


The products you buy in your dreams and visions tell you about what you would like to do, what your character traits are, your life goals and the possibilities. Knowledge and information that you are looking for and that which you do not possess in life but which is important for your development. Also the past, shame and emotions that you have overcome are brought to your attention in dreams and visions like these.


Dreams or visions that you are shopping tell you about the needs and desires that you would like to have fulfilled. Another explanation is that you need people around you, you are becoming lonely and you would like to make new friends and acquaintances. So pay close attention to what you buy, this tells you a lot about how to explain the dream.

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