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Lapis lazuli dream picture

Published on 12 August 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions of a Lapis Lazuli tells you something about protection and spiritual growth. The seeds you have planted are supported and will continue to grow without fear of delay or opposition. The Lapis Lazuli, asks you to go deeper into old feelings, emotions and experiences.

Dreams or visions about Lapis Lazuli also have a magical charge and you can especially think of Egypt and the pharaohs. These dreams and visions can therefore also have a previous life interpretation, but that is not necessary; it can also very well represent a situation where you are currently in life that needs protection - magical influences have both positive and negative.



Additional dream info

The Lapis Lazuli dream brings you connection with your spiritual development, honest communication and being yourself. It is the ultimate dream energy to connect with ancient Egypt and/or other dimensions.

dreams and visions about this beautiful stone reflects your entire spiritual journey. It makes you aware of your spiritual power, spiritual abilities. But you can also think of astral travel, enlightenment, wisdom and gives inner peace and tranquility. Dream and vision energy makes honest, sincere and helps find inner truth and accept it. It helps you be yourself and walk your own path.




The stone promotes creativity, objectivity and clarity of mind. It has a positive effect on friendly and love relationships. Lapis Lazuli has a strong effect on the throat and throat chakra (5th) and therefore stimulates the expression of your opinion, emotions and things that bother you.

Physically, Lapis Lazuli helps complaints of throat, larynx, thyroid and vocal cords. It has a positive effect on migraines, sleeping problems, dizziness, stress, the immune system, hearing and lowers blood pressure.

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